Men are funny creatures

Let me tell you about an ex boyfriend. Weird dude, kind of crazy. He was very jealous, just because I knew a lot of people, just because I’m friendly. 

There was this bar, near my house. Thus, I went there a lot, sometimes alone. So I befriended the bartenders, I even helped around sometimes, especially when they had to renovate. Apparently, that made me not normal, according to the ex. It’s not ok for a woman to spend so much time in a bar, his words. To mention, I was around 19-20 years of age. If not then, then when?

Anyway, he always used to say that it’s weird I know so many guys, most of them from the bar, we used to change a few words when we saw each other there. But to him, I was screwing all of them. 

The thing that ended it tho, was when a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, asked me how my bachelors degree paper was going, and he got really crazy, asking me why that particular friend knew about my paper. Uhm, because everyone I know does. I was supposed to write about Pulp Fiction, of course I told everbody. Anyway, that really got on my nerves, so I ended it.

Oh, I forgot to mention that he cheated on me :)) because, well, she was a hot ex and she came on to him. How’s that for a funny story?


Don’t you just hate

Don’t you just hate it when you dream of someone who was in your life at some point but broke your heart? And you dream of them as if you miss them. But you tell yourself you do not, because you moved on and you’re happy, but you still feel like you miss them and want them back.

Don’t you just hate that you can’t choose what to dream and what to remember? I do!!!

My favorite things

You know how people ask you what is you favorite thing? Be it song, movie, book or whatever. Well, I find that question annoying, because I don’t really have a favorite anything, except a book. Yes, I have a favorite book and it’s The Shining by Stephen King.

It’s a classic and it’s a great one. It’s so well written, that I finished it in 2 days because I could’t put it down. I only did because I had to go to work. I don’t scare easy when it comes to horror movies or books, because I know they are not real, but this book, scared the crap out of me (excuse my french). But I still couldn’t give it up.

Most of you probably know it, or have seen the movie, so I’m not going to start telling you what it’s about. And if you haven’t read it, do, it’s one of those things you have to do before you die.

Anyway, that’s my favorite book, but when it comes to movies, well, I love movies, I’ve tried making a list of everything I’ve seen up until now, it has 100 and something titles and it’s not even half yet. So, because I’m a movie buff, it’s hard to pick just one, as they are all different. But, just for the heck of the conversation, I often say that Pulp Fiction is a favorite. Which it is, Quentin is an artist.

When it comes to music I really don’t have a favorite song, band or even album. I listen to pretty much anything if it sounds good to me. And I don’t care who sings it, if the song is good, it can be either Metallica or Britney, fine by me. I know, I know, Britney is not that hot, and honestly, I’ve only listened to the old ones, back when I was 16, but you get the idea.

I do however have a favorite thing to do, and that is: sleep. Ha! Anyway, that’s enough for today.

Reasons to get dumped

being-dumped-1Throughout my life, I’ve had a few relationships, and some, ok, most, have ended with me being dumped, for reasons beyond my control. I shall share with you the dumbest ones, or the funniest ones. Take it as you wish.

One guy dumped me because, as he put it, I cared too much for him, more than he cared for me. I guess at the end of the day, it was nice of him not to drag me along.

I have to admit, he was not the only one to dump me for caring too much. One of them said he was not used to see his girlfriend every other day, because he just got out of a long distance relationship. Well, whatever dude. I will mention that he dumped me during  winter, in a park, where we spent like half an hour talking. After that, my feet were soaking wet, and I had to walk home, and I also lost one of my gloves. Oh well.

I also had the classic: I’m getting back with my ex. Yes, after 6 months of relationship, and after he told me he loved me, he decided he wanted to get back with his ex. He told me that she was more mellow than me, and she accepted not hearing from him days in a row, while she stayed at home (with his parents) cooking and cleaning. He also said I wouldn’t have accepted that. Yes, he was right. Oh, and the fun part, he never told me we were done, no, I called him and she answered, asking me to leave him alone. Fun!

But, the one that tops them all, is the guy who dumped me to get revenge. Funny, right? Let me explain. We dated for like a month when I was 18. I wasn’t just not that into him. But apparently he loved me or whatever. We stayed friends for a while, then we started college, he went to study in a different city and we drifted apart. After 8 years, we met again, he was in a relationship, a 7 years relationship nonetheless. Anyway, I started to like him, I don’t know why, maybe because now he was older, I was older and I wanted something more than just fun. So, we dated for a month, and then, boom. He sent me a text at 5 in the morning, stating it was just for revenge, and that he knows it’s immature, but oh well, that’s who he is, so I shouldn’t try to contact him ever again… My brain paused for a minute. Oh, by the way, wondering what happened to the girlfriend I mentioned earlier? He dumped her to pull this little stunt. How cool is that? He’s a keeper that one. Oh, they’re back together now, or at least they got back together after he was finished getting his revenge, even though she knew what he did. Now that’s a pair that’s meant for great things.

Well, that’s about it I guess. Can’t quite remember more right now. Next time, I’ll try to remember the times I’ve dumped guys and why. Uh uh, I already have one in mind, now that’s funny. You’ll have to wait, isn’t that a bummer? ‘Till next time!

Hello world

the_best_hello_my_name_is_sticker_ever_by_baconoffury-d4svmp6Yes, I know, it’s a typical wordpress title, but, oh well, not feeling very inspired right now. This is a post where I should tell you something about me, well, who am I? That doesn’t really matter, does it? What matters is, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, so the time has come for me to share some of my memories, anecdotes and stuff. Why I’m doing this? Well, because some of them are really fun, now, back then, not so much. So, that’s that I guess. I shall be back with something else as soon as possible, because, well, I do have a life outside the internet 🙂